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Dental Implants – Cleaning Your New Teeth

Our implant dentist, Dr Harpal Chana, explains how and why you should do this. Dental implant placements are becoming more common, yet it is still a very sophisticated procedure that requires years of extra training before a dentist is allowed

‘Stub It Out’ For The Sake Of Your Mouth!

Giving up smoking has many benefits for our teeth and gums. Although an increasing proportion of the UK no longer smokes, there are still a significant number who do. The general health risks of smoking are well known, and include

Tips For Reducing Sugar In Your Diet

Helping Teddington residents with a healthier and more tooth friendly diet If you ask almost anyone what causes tooth decay, they will tell you ‘sugar’. Whilst the reality is a little more complicated than that, it is certainly true that

The All On 4 Implant Procedure In Teddington

Replacing a full missing arch of teeth in just one day We have looked at the general use of dental implants in an earlier blog post, and today we complement this by taking a look at another use for teeth

Early Intervention For Better Dental Health

Why ignoring potential dental problems is never a good idea. Especially if you are nervous about seeing a dentist, it can be tempting to ignore relatively minor discomfort or suspicions that all may not be well with your teeth. A

Overcome Dental Treatment Concerns

Anxiety can be a real barrier to receiving the treatment that you need. We can help! Dental anxiety is one of the most common phobias there is and if you suffer from it, you know how debilitating it can be.

Nail Biting And Other World Cup Habits Detrimental To Your Teeth

Nervous dental patient

Big sporting events can be exciting, but your teeth can suffer if you don’t take care! With England now qualifying for the knockout stages in this year’s World Cup Football tournament, we can perhaps relax a little; but when the

Amalgam Fillings – New Laws On The Way

From 1st July 2018, there are new laws covering some aspects of these fillings. For many patients, the main problem with the use of amalgam for fillings is its dark colour. Whilst perhaps less of an issue on rear teeth,

The Importance Of Water In Oral Health Care

Make better use of this readily available resource to help keep your teeth and gums healthy In the Western world, water is in such plentiful supply that we probably think little about it at all. When it comes to our

Specialist Dental Care Locally

Dentist in Teddington

Specialist dental skills under one roof in Teddington. If you are lucky and have also looked after your teeth well, you may have only visited Elmfield House Dental Practice for your regular check ups and possibly hygienist appointments too. At


Restorative Dentistry & Dental Implantology