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Helping Nervous Dental Patients In Teddington

Nervous dental patient

Dental anxiety is very common – but we can help! If you find that you are becoming increasingly anxious when your dental appointment is due, don’t worry, you are most certainly not alone. It is thought that around half of

A Whiter Smile For Your Wedding Day In Teddington

With just a little planning, you can have great looking teeth for your big day! With the ‘Harry and Meghan’ wedding still fresh in our minds, many people will be starting to turn their thoughts to their own forthcoming wedding

Benefits Of Straighter Teeth

Using Invisalign to help Teddington patients enjoy great-looking, straight teeth. In an ideal world, we would all have nice even teeth. For most of us though this isn’t the case and if we wish to have straighter teeth, then the

Over-The-Counter Versus Pro Teeth Whitening

Our Teddington dentists look at why you may be disappointed, or even at risk with DIY whitening You will almost certainly have noticed an increasing number of adverts on TV, offering toothpastes that purport to whiten your teeth. This seems

Your Sore Gums May Be More Serious Than You Realise

Gum disease can lead to the loss of teeth and is increasingly being linked with serious medical problems. Most patients of Elmfield House Dental Practice probably take pride in the care that they take in looking after their teeth. Of

How Do Dental Implants Work?

Our Teddington dentist explains the process that makes implants such a great choice for replacing missing teeth. When a tooth has been lost and needs to be replaced, traditionally the best known method for doing this is the use of

The Root Canal Procedure – An Overview

Nervous patient

The truth about this sometimes feared dental treatment. We start our look at some of the treatments offered at the Elmfield House Dental Practice with perhaps one of the most feared; the root canal procedure. Most of our Teddington dental

Welcome To The Elmfield House Dental Practice Blog!

Dentist in Teddington

A brief introductory overview of treatments we offer for our Teddington patients Welcome to the first in a regular series of blogs that we will be posting on our website. In today’s blog post, we provide a brief look at


Restorative Dentistry & Dental Implantology