Specialist Dental Care Locally

Specialist dental skills under one roof in Teddington.

If you are lucky and have also looked after your teeth well, you may have only visited Elmfield House Dental Practice for your regular check ups and possibly hygienist appointments too. At worst, you may have needed a straightforward filling for a small cavity.

Not everyone is so fortunate though, and factors such as poor oral health care or even an accident may require you to need specialist dental care. If this is the case, then you can be assured that we are able to offer these to our patients when required. Specialist dentistry covers a number of areas, some of the most common ones being as follows:


Literally meaning ‘inside the tooth’, from the ancient Greek, the most common procedure carried out in this field is root canal surgery. This is necessary when the soft inner pulp of the tooth becomes infected. When this happens, it cannot be treated and the infection needs to be removed. To do this, the top of the tooth is accessed and the infected material then taken out. The hollow canals are then cleaned to remove bacteria before being filled and a crown attached to restore both strength and appearance.


Periodontics refers to the treatment of gum disease. This is one of the leading causes of tooth loss in the UK and should not be underestimated. It is usually relatively easy to prevent both gingivitis and periodontitis by intervening early and making sure that you look after your teeth well, including brushing and ongoing hygienist appointments. Although early stage gum disease, or gingivitis, can usually be reversed with a scale and polish and better oral care at home, this is rarely the case with periodontitis. When this occurs, both the roots of the tooth and surrounding bone must be cleaned. This is an invasive treatment that must be carried out by a specialist dentist at our Teddington practice.


Sometimes, a tooth may be lost, whether through decay or damage.  The field of prosthodontics is concerned with the methods used to replace the missing tooth or to restore damaged teeth and structures within the mouth. The most common treatments performed in this field include the fitting of dentures and the placement of dental implants.

The aim of a prosthodontist is to restore function to your mouth, often in the case of significant damage, such as the result of a car accident or other facial trauma.

These are just some of the specialist skills that we offer at the Elmfield House Dental Practice. Our experienced team are here to help you through the challenges that daily life can present to your teeth. If you would like to register at our Teddington practice, or simply to make an appointment, please call us on 020 8614 1995.