The All On 4 Implant Procedure In Teddington

Replacing a full missing arch of teeth in just one day

We have looked at the general use of dental implants in an earlier blog post, and today we complement this by taking a look at another use for teeth implants that is perhaps less well known by our Teddington patients.

The All On 4 teeth replacement system is used when a full arch of teeth needs to be replaced. Whilst a full set of dentures would perform a suitably adequate role from an aesthetic perspective, many patients find them to be unstable and restrictive, particularly when eating and also somewhat messy to keep clean. However, the choice between full dentures and no teeth is not the only option available at the Elmfield House Dental Practice.

New teeth in just one visit!

The All On 4 procedure, also sometimes known as ‘same day implants’ or ‘teeth in a day’, is an excellent way of providing patients with a natural looking and very secure set of replacement teeth. The use of dental implants does not mean that each tooth is replaced individually; in fact, only 4, or sometimes 6, dental implants are used in total.

The ‘revolutionary’ aspect of this procedure is the use of 2 specially designed dental implants that are placed towards the rear of the arch. Unlike regular implants, these are designed to be placed into the jawbone at a specific angle. This provides significant additional strength and often allows the complete treatment to take place in a single day, rather than the more protracted process with single implants.

To complete the procedure, the remaining two (or four) implants are then placed towards the front of the mouth. Once this part of the process is complete, a full fixed bridge of teeth can be attached immediately and you can leave our Teddington dental practice with a brand new smile!


Unlike dentures, which have to be removed for cleaning, you can simply brush your new teeth as normal, making sure to clean your gums too. Our dentists will provide you with comprehensive advice so you can feel confident with your new teeth. We do also recommend that you keep appointments with the hygienist on a regular basis to ensure optimum oral health.

Although you can, in theory, eat anything that you want with your new replacement teeth, we suggest that you ease in gradually and start with softer food first. There is likely to be some temporary residual soreness from the sites of the implant placement and you may also find they feel a little strange at first, especially if you have had no teeth for some time. A gradual approach will make your new eating experience more comfortable and convenient.

If you would like to find out more about the All On 4 procedure, please discuss this with your dentist at the Elmfield House Dental Practice. We can be contacted by calling us on 020 8614 1995.