A Whiter Smile For Your Wedding Day In Teddington

With just a little planning, you can have great looking teeth for your big day!

With the ‘Harry and Meghan’ wedding still fresh in our minds, many people will be starting to turn their thoughts to their own forthcoming wedding day.

There are a lot of things to organise, from the venue, to the guest list and the cake of course. In all the hurry, it is quite possible to forget some of the finer detail that can make a big difference, especially to your memories of the day.

The wedding dress will probably be at the top of most bride’s list of priorities, followed closely by hair style and make up. There is one little detail though which can be easily overlooked; your teeth.

A beautiful smile

A wedding day is about more than the big day itself, memories of the day will live on not only in our minds, but in the photographs and videos of the day. Many of these will not simply remain in the photo album of the day but will, of course, be shared widely amongst friends and family over social media.

With this in mind, it is worth paying more attention to the quality of your smile. Dull looking, or even stained teeth, will do little to enhance a smile and brides to be are encouraged to consider having a teeth whitening procedure at Elmfield House Dental Practice.  This is a straightforward and non invasive procedure that can make all the difference to a great photograph or video. Especially compared to the overall cost of a wedding, this treatment is very affordable and will really bring out the best in your smile. For your convenience, our Teddington practice offers a choice of a custom home whitening kit, or a fast acting in house whitening procedure.

It is probably best to have the treatment so that it is completed a week or so before the big day, as although many people have no side effects, it is possible that you may notice a little extra sensitivity for a few days until it returns to normal. You obviously want to feel at your best on your big day, so completing the treatment a little in advance makes sense.

Other procedures

Whilst our whitening procedure is ideal even just a few weeks before your wedding day, both teeth straightening and dental veneers may also benefit some patients. Whilst veneers can be fitted, where teeth are badly stained, at reasonably short notice, the use of braces to correct uneven teeth usually needs to be started some time before the big day. If you are unhappy about the crookedness of your teeth though, do ask us about treatment options. Even if there are just a few months to go before your wedding, there are some fast acting braces that may be able to help you, depending on the problem.

Don’t regret having a dull looking smile in your wedding photographs and call our Teddington dental practice to see how we can help you have a great looking smile on your wedding day! Call the Elmfield House Dental Practice today on 020 8614 1995.