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All-on-4™ Implants - Beautiful teeth in just one visit

Get your teeth back…get your life back!

As people live longer and more active lives, losing even a single tooth prematurely can be extremely upsetting. The loss of any tooth is a cosmetic issue but it is also a quality of life issue and perhaps, most dramatically when losing too many, it may become a long-term health issue. When one or more teeth are lost, the surrounding jaw bone atrophies, or shrinks, due to a lack of function and physiologic stress.

Millions of people all over the world are missing all of their teeth and millions more are in jeopardy of losing their remaining teeth in the very near future. Accidents, gum disease, tooth decay and many other factors cause tooth loss. As we age, the chances of losing teeth increase dramatically. Taking steps to replace lost teeth and prevent bone atrophy in the jaws is critical to both long-term health and quality of life.

All on 4

For those who are looking to lead a full and active life, traditional dentures and removable bridgework, once the only choices, are no longer viewed as satisfactory options. That’s why ELMFIELD HOUSE DENTAL PRACTICE specializes in All-on-4TM  a revolutionary method for using as few as four dental implants to create fixed (non-removable), natural looking teeth in just one visit!

Why Implants?

Titanium dental implants represent a major advance in dental care. Implants are inserted directly into the jawbone in a minimally invasive surgical procedure.

Because they are made of titanium - which is biocompatible (i.e., not rejected by the human body) dental implants integrate, or fuse with the bone, providing a solution that lasts for decades. A single implant can support a crown and replace a lost tooth. With the All-on-4TM technique four implants accurately placed can be used to replace all your upper and/or lower teeth. The result is a fixed (non-removable) bridge that is virtually indistinguishable from natural teeth. Just as important, implants stabilize bone levels in the jaw. So not only are they cosmetically pleasing and more natural, they also help preserve oral health and a youthful appearance.

What is All-on-4™?

All-on-4™ is a revolutionary approach to implants pioneered over a decade ago. Placing a titanium implant in the jaw is a quick, minimally invasive procedure that provides a strong foundation for replacement teeth and helps stabilize bone levels-keeping the jaw healthy. But for patients who lack bone mass, placing only four implants, tilting the two posterior ones, so even those patients with virtually no bone can have a secure (non-removable) full upper and/or lower set of teeth.

1. Insertion of implants

2. Securing of multi-unit abutments

3. Securing of provisional prosthesis with prosthetic screws


Why All-on-4™?

For most people, dental implants are the best solution for the loss of teeth, but not all patients are candidates for traditional implants. Patients who lack sufficient bone mass may have been discouraged from implants or told they need to undergo time-consuming, painful and costly bone grafting procedures prior to placing dental implants.

With the All-on-4TM technique, virtually anyone can have beautiful new teeth in a single visit - even if you have been told you are not a candidate for traditional dental implants or are lacking enough bone for implants.

Thousands of patients worldwide have benefited from this technique. ELMFIELD HOUSE DENTAL PRACTICE has established itself as a leading center in the UK for patient-care, education and training in advanced oral rehabilitation.

All on 4 Treatment - Patient Stories

All-on-4™ Advantages

  • Rehabilitation of totally edentulous maxilla and mandible with only a minimum of 4 implants placed in each jaw; (upper jaw may need 6 sometimes including zygomatic dental implants)
  • Eliminates need for bone transplant;
  • Short surgery period (depending on the complexity of each case);
  • Placement of fixed teeth with immediate function in the same day;


  • Functionality and aesthetics on the day of the surgery;
  • Less painful procedure for the patient;
  • Cost-saving and time-saving comparatively to bone transplant;
  • High success rates comparatively to bone transplant;
  • Allows treating complex cases that had no solution before.


Case 1 - Before and after All-on-4™

Before Treatment

After Treatment

Is All-on-4™ Right for Me?

When you first come to ELMFIELD HOUSE DENTAL PRACTICE, we will do a thorough evaluation of your existing dental health. In this first appointment we will advise you the best treatment options to fulfill your needs and answer all your questions.

Many of our patients come to ELMFIELD HOUSE DENTAL PRACTICE because they are unhappy with their existing bridgework or dentures and are seeking an alternative. Also, many patients have been told they are not candidates for traditional implants because they lack sufficient bone volume in the jaws.

All on 4

Case 2 - Before and after All-on-4™

Before Treatment

After Treatment

What to Expect?

Placing a dental implant is a quick, minimally invasive procedure. Surgeons at ELMFIELD HOUSE DENTAL PRACTICE will do a careful evaluation to determine the best course of treatment for your needs. Typically we will do an initial work-up, consisting of a comprehensive examination and diagnostic imaging. With the help of a proprietary computer software program that creates a 3-dimensional image of your jaws, a treatment plan will be formulated. “Virtual implants” are placed in the 3-D image to ensure accuracy at the time of your surgery. To facilitate the procedure and ensure quality, replacement teeth are manufactured at our lab and inserted the same day-you will leave with your new teeth and immediately be able to eat, speak and smile with confidence.

What is the All-on-4™ Bridge?

The All-on-4™ Ceramic Bridge represents the highest point of the combination of biomedical engineering with the NobelProceraTM CAD/CAM technology. This offers the total edentulous patients a fixed solution over implants of an extraordinary functional and aesthetic quality.

Using only highly biocompatible materials, such as titanium and ceramics, the All-on-4™ Ceramic Bridge technique allows not only the individual rehabilitation of each tooth but the rehabilitation of the soft tissues (gums) as well.

This is why All-on-4™ Ceramic Bridge is unique. Conceived to support individual ceramic crowns, simulates perfectly the natural teeth, and repairs it (if necessary) what becomes extraordinarily easy. It also improves phonetics and chewing functions, and it is highly hygienic.

The All-on-4™ Ceramic Bridge has been recognized worldwide as the most advanced fixed prosthesis in Oral Rehabilitation of Total Edentulous Patients, not only at the aesthetic level but as well as at the technologic level.

Case 3 - Before and after All-on-4™

Before Treatment

After Treatment


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